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FileTiger 2.0 is available now, adding support for Windows 11, font size control for file and folder lists, and simplified installation for multi-login users. Discounts are available from all previous versions.

FileTiger is a high-power information synchronizer and backup tool for Windows, including Windows 11, 10 and 8.x, and Windows 7 (all 64-bit and 32-bit desktop editions of Windows are supported). It helps you keep your information and projects up-to-date, wherever you need to use them, and wherever you need to store them for safety. If you share information in an office, or have your own network, or do backups (on nearly any kind of backup gadget), you need FileTiger.

You can use FileTiger to organize your files so that the data is all together in one area, and that will make it easy to copy all that information to any kind of removable drive, for taking work home from the office for more working, or just for off-site backup. Have thousands of document files, and you don't know which ones to copy? That's OK, FileTiger will compare your in-computer file cabinet (hard drive) and your rolling file cabinet (CDRW) and copy only the files that you don't already have. Working at home? No problem, FileTiger can find and copy those, too.

FileTiger proves, once again, that only large cats can be trained--you can choose Novice Mode, Normal Mode, or Pro Mode to have just the level of confirmations and "Are you SURE you want to do that?" that you're comfortable with. Better yet, don't want to be asked if you're deleting less than 5 Megabytes of files? No problem--set a custom level in FileTiger options.

FileTiger 1.32 added a new option to skip pre-copy file size calculation for large file sets.

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Why a Tiger? It takes a FileTiger to Organize a Pack Rat . . .

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